by Die Hexe

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released February 11, 2017

All songs written by Die Hexe.
Mixed and mastered by Todd Barriage of Borland Studio.
Album design and illustration by Veronica Park



all rights reserved


Die Hexe Toronto, Ontario

pretty noise

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Track Name: Tough Love
-seek not ceremony -caked in rust -bitter portraits of failure fathers -carved by vindictive sons -the soil is restless -and bathed in blood -there comes a time when everyman must face what he's done -call it tough love -bite your tongue -in cathedral houses -where crimson hands couldn't build a home -or hold a hope -every cliché I know -desperation for affection -buried in your posturing -I know you know the difference -so fragile -so weak -every mourning song -don't mean a thing to them -another empty threat -follow through -the nerve of you -to ask me what I have to prove -every song of regret -will be your greatest yet -don't hold out for closure -give up every ghost -bury your wounded ego -the grave you dig is deep enough -we're no good at giving up -we can share the blame -it don't change a goddamn thing -if my forgiveness means nothing to you -your redemption means nothing to me
Track Name: Black Crown
-you cry wolf again -all bend to your will -strip this part of me that lives without loyalty -and loves without symmetry -I hate you unconditionally rest assured -your word is cheap but not tasteless -don't count on me to provide -I lack the patience -placed our faith in medications -best intentions destined to betray us -so addicted to your weakness -you played the victim and basked in adoration -sun down on another loss -twilight of your wicked heart -black crown up on your cross -you are lord of sorrow -monarch of misery -blessed be this grief -as you dance amongst the graves -you spit your jealous grace -and everything of beauty wilts in your wake -I want to break you -like every promise -I want to hurt you -I want to crush you -for never trusting me -for all you've done to me -I want to watch you bleed
Track Name: Distress
-blinded -too far gone to connect -my broken bones won't mend -they must know better than that -defeated as I have always been -because I knew in my heart that this would happen again -and it does -but I forgive my tongue -seeking forgiveness myself because I know what I've done -I have failed and I have tried again and I have failed a little less -I want love to crack my ribs -laughter shatter teeth and split wide my head -let me be pounded to dust by dreams again -let me bleed out on the edge of your kiss -I asked for this -precious -vicious -senseless -malice -glory be my fiery end -pressure put me in the dirt -open every wound for you -are you not entertained? -hunting for disaster only happiness can bring -liberate the body that the soul may finally sing -heart. fucking. broke.
Track Name: Buried
-great silent distance -so violent -so present -with no time for rest -running on regret -driving these sleepless nights -dividing you and I -endless miles of misunderstanding -old friends are skeletons in the closet -I kiss them all goodbye -love letters in a bed of nails all penned in sacrifice and hopeful still -just souvenirs -forget me not -dead set on heaven -romantic rebellion -oh, dear -the beauty in our hideous ruin -my love, share my humble coffin -safely buried deep -dig to our destination - all or nothing -we paint imperfect landscapes -carefully crafted tragedy scripted how we'd fall to pieces -picked a losing battle -never a thought of consequence -i have no regret -please don't stop me -I hate everything I love -good and evil, braided be -something wicked this way comes
Track Name: Comanche
-falling from our highs into warm, familiar lows -closed stained glass eyelids -pastel kaleidoscope -we set a fire we can't outrun -the pounds of flesh that we owe will bleed us dry -if nothing but the very least of what we sow -my lungs are burning -passionately, I profane -I yearn for patience but urgency has taken hold of me -fear. pain. loss -all that we have shared -all the blood that brought us brotherhood -where there is fire and brimstone opposition -when the clouds are ash and the sea is risen -I’ll be opening old wounds -because I can't let go -terrified of everything that I have left to lose -always