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by Die Hexe

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released January 2, 2016

all songs written by die hexe
mixed and mastered by todd barriage at borland studios
photography by jake curley at coldhvndsmedia
layout by ashley mattila



all rights reserved


Die Hexe Toronto, Ontario

pretty noise

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Track Name: Battle Axe
with no concern for broken hearts
and no love lost we ran away
set out in search of something more
far too young and dumb to know better
tempting fate while chasing dreams
no turning back
we're in too deep
oh, so sure things would work out fine
but our skies grew dark and fortunes turned
waters rising all around
a heroes death is all we've earned
a heroes debt
satisfied to meet our maker
we picked our place among the stars
we embrace the wreckage that awaits us
with open arms
one by one they fell
before our eyes
and only luck got us this far
swallowed by the jaws of pride
with iron hearts
we lay down our lives
Track Name: Jaws
jaws set the pace of our impending doom
and every tongue is tripping over the poetry
to show a little respect
a feather in your headdress
you, and every other blood sucker
thirst for tragedy
like yawning graves
when it comes crashing down
upon your open mouths
it never satisfies
and nothing's gunna change
marching in step with the expectation
singing clockwork sympathies
face down in filth
unaware of your guilt
crying over and over
oh, what a shame
you, and every other star fucker
lust for pageantry
and dream of fame
your crooked finger pointed at yourself
with no sense of irony
you shift the blame
make no mistake
your precious walls can't hold forever
i'll chip away at the brick with my fist
buried by arrogance and your good intention
let your callow vanity be my end
it's always your fault but never your loss
you turn your back
the cloven hooves beat fast on the earth at your heel
this is the last time
every time
we make a promise to ourselves each night
and every morning we wake to failure
how could we stand with such crooked spines?
feral children killing over scraps
the lowest of the low
are we doomed to dance like this forever?
running circles
digging holes
losing light
losing hope
dragging our past
collecting bones
the hands of time have ruined us
while our own have grown so cold
Track Name: All Masks Fall
justice is poetry
watch me burn
oh, god, the irony
all masks fall
blessed oppressor
your cold eyes
what god would grant me wings?
set me free
down on my hands and knees
come crush me
just end my suffering
suit your self
i am that bastard son
speak your truth
i'll never change your mind
take your time
i'm not an animal
but when cornered i bare my teeth
Track Name: Long Live the New Flesh
sliding in fragments down my throat
choking out my screams
i can't see
can't move
i can barely breath
tonight i get what i deserve
at the hands of cowards
but my pride cannot be beat from me
i'm not yours to judge
celebrate yourselves through the warship of thieves
and when your shallow empire topples from surreal heights
i hope you think of me
i am broken
all my heroes are dead
nothing more than remains of the fallen way
and you sing long live the new flesh
thrown to the wolves with every voice of dissent
i've found my place in death
like every one of my accusers
i have no remorse
no regret
just like your rotted carcass king
raise your fists
beat your chest
savour this final victory
bitterweet emptiness
Track Name: Welcome Home
blood on your doorstep
welcome home
tried to tame these wayward bones
the disappointment never gets old
songs of praise on sarcastic tongues
i will take all the hurt i've earned and fashion myself a weapon
this is the heartache every last one of us worked so hard for
i will die
gasping for air
fighting for every inch
have i made myself clear?
through the dark
haunting the longest of seasons
losing skin to these streets
losing love to what keeps us up
knowing nothing will ever be good enough
every mile at this breakneck pace
separates us
every so called friend seeking refuge in glass
i bring you a brick
but you, i pray, are safe from me
if you choose to hate me
i will understand
there's no blade more effective than that of a friend
i'll remember you fondly
i'll see you in hell
it's too late now
it was always too late